Joe Wolff

Joe Builds Bad Ass Cars


Joe Wolff

How did you hear about $ASS?

Searching on BitMart.

What do you like about the Ass community?

Great ideas for community.

Give us a brief summary about who you are.

I am seo expert for 25 years. I build the the rat rod all by myself in my little garage. I built Rat Daddy Rat Rod.

What do you do for a living/in your free time?

SEO Expert on Google. Free time Rat Daddy always building up.

What is something that you value and is important to you?

My love of my life my wife, well and A$$ Coin. Lol

What do you think others should know about the ass community that people may not already know?

Great coin to support, HODL.

Addtional Information:

I would be willing to put logos on my Rat Rod for some A$$ coins? I will promote at 12 car shows this year in Washington State. USA. I am a proud owner of 16 Billion A$$. Thanks Joe

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